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Dedicated Hosting

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Belgrade D1

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Serbia
  • City: Belgrade
  • Processor: Xeon E3-1231 v3
  • Speed: 3.4 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 2× 1 TB (HDD SATA)
  • Hard Drive: 2× 120 GB (SSD SATA)
  • Bandwidth: 5 TB Fair Usage
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps

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Belgrade D2

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Serbia
  • City: Belgrade
  • Processor: (DUAL) Xeon E5-2609 v3
  • Speed: 1 GHz
  • Cores: 6
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 2× 2 TB (HDD SATA)
  • Hard Drive: 2× 240 GB (SSD SATA)
  • Bandwidth: 5 TB Fair Usage
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps

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Belgrade D3

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Serbia
  • City: Belgrade
  • Processor: (DUAL) Xeon E5-2620 v3
  • Speed: 2.4 GHz
  • Cores: 6
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 2× 2 TB (HDD SATA)
  • Hard Drive: 2× 240 GB (SSD SATA)
  • Bandwidth: 5 TB Fair Usage
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps

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Instant Dedicated Server Hosting
with Unmetered Bandwidth!

Dedicated Server

Navicosoft offers you customized plans for dedicated server hosting from the smallest applications to the largest enterprises because we understand how to cover your needs.

Experience the highest level of resource allocation, control, and privacy with our Dedicated server plans. We provide you with entirely isolated dedicated servers, where you have full access to configure your server without affecting or disturbing another user.

As a trusted provider, we are here with the way to lead in customer loyalty and trust. From monitoring your Dedicated servers to mitigating risk and optimizing performance, we are here to help and support you 24/7.

Robust Dedicated Servers

Our powerful Dedicated servers provide a high-performance platform for hosting.
All of our dedicated servers are monitored for availability. Every port of these
servers is checked for bandwidth, network errors and other anomalies.

We thrive to provide quality services to our clients by providing technical support for 24/7. So it
means that you do not have to suffer from technical challenges associated with dedicated
servers. Our ssh dedicated servers are powerful enough to provide the following benefits:

dedicated server

Low Latency

dedicated server

Better Google Ranking

dedicated server

Scheduled Server Maintenance

Contact us  today to enjoy our exceptional dedicated server hosting!

What Makes Our
Dedicated Server Hosting Unique?

SiteLock & Spam Protection

dedicated server

Our Dedicated servers come up with the SiteLock defend to protect your website against malware and attacks. Our dedicated servers give you the spam protection, powered by Google, that filters out unwanted and harmful content before they could come into your inbox.


dedicated server

We understand your online existence and guarantee 99.9% uptime. You always have access to our elite team of technical specialists who is always there to help you out with your managed dedicated server hosting 24/7.

Multi-Server Management

dedicated server

Need multiple hosting at the same time? You can add VPS HOSTING, shared hosting, or even additional dedicated hosting to your existing account and can manage all of them in one place.

Managed Dedicated Servers

dedicated server

Users with no or zero technical knowledge about servers can avail of technical support from our technical team to manage and control their servers with our managed dedicated hosting plans.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

dedicated server

Advanced users having all the technical knowledge about servers can have access and control over everything. They have full control from the operating system to apache with or unmanaged dedicated server hosting OR dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting is Our Hearthstone!

Tell the world that you are live and always active! We provide such Dedicated Servers, Ubuntu ssh server and
Ubuntu FTP server that will provide you with a perfect dedicated hosting solution for all your
complex and high volume websites. You get a lot of storage, processing power and bandwidth
for all the projects requiring peak performance at all times.

Managed or Unmanaged dedicated server?
The actual question

Well, it’s not a giant puzzle to get resolved. Most of our clients go with the managed dedicated server plan, which means our technical team helps them with virtually any technical and configuration requests you may have. You can either choose Linux or Windows operating systems.

BUT, if you are the one who needs more OS, Operating System flexibility, we have got you a semi-managed dedicated server option for you. In that case, our team will handle all the hardware, operating system, or even the basic configuration issues. We let you leave all server support managed by us.

Dedicated Server

Why Navicosoft For Dedicated Server Hosting?

Here are a few of the things that make Navicosoft stand alone in the market for Dedicated Server Hosting. We facilitate in the following ways:

Advanced Technology: All of the dedicated servers we provide are hosted in US-based data centers. We make sure to give you maximum uptime and minimum downtime.

Full Control: You are given full control of your dedicated servers. Manage it as you want and configure it the way you like.

Network Guarantee: We ensure that your site is always running and up so your business can be too. We understand your business and its online worth.

Full/Semi-Dedicated: Our technical team is always up to manage your servers, and you can also take it on.

Linux/Windows: We understand that this could be a game-changer, so take your pick and go in the town as we provide both.

24/7 Technical Support: We work when you work; therefore, we make sure our availability for our clients by 24/7/365.


Do I really need a Dedicated Server Hosting?

If your website loads slowly and needs a better speed, or if your traffic is growing, it might be the right time to purchase a dedicated hosting. Having a dedicated server means having a separate server so no other client can disturb you and your site keeps running smoothly.

What is the difference between VPS and dedicated hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server that splits between different sites and hosting accounts. In contrast, dedicated hosting means the dedicated server that’s literally dedicated to you, and no one else can use its resources. Only you will have the full authority to manage your dedicated server.

Which hosting environment is better, either shared or dedicated?

Both shared and dedicated hosting hold the data of your website on a single server.
The main difference between these two hosting is the type of server your website is being hosted on. In a dedicated hosting environment, your website is the only site being hosted on a single server, whereas with shared hosting, your website lives along with the other on the same server. If your site needs less loading time and less traffic, shared hosting is good; otherwise, dedicated hosting.

What are dedicated hosting benefits?

The main benefits of dedicated and VPS hosting are privacy, control, and guaranteed resources. However, the dedicated servers are not shared with any other users, so the dedicated hosting server performance is better than other hosting plans. A website with very high traffic is often the best fit for dedicated servers.

What is the best-dedicated hosting plan for me?

We have put all the packages here, and you compare the specification according to your needs and select the most suitable one. You may also consult with our technical support anytime and get the best-suited package for your site.

Can I get the custom dedicated server plan from Navicosoft?

Yes, you may analyze your requirements and needs. Contact our 24/7 technical support and get the customized package for your website that fits your needs.

What Our Clients Say

Alsa Pakistan

I have been having the issues, trying to get my word and awareness about my services out there to the public and I approached the digital media software company called NavicoSoft. Navicosoft has done an amazing job in setting my website, arranging my digital media platform.They know what they exactly doing. I recommend NavicoSoft

Dr. Tahir Yunus
Designation: Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeon


We were googling companies for development and hosting companies navicosoft was the only one that seemed to have the potential to provide us with what we were looking for. I would definitely recommend navicosoft for hosting, design, and development services.

Susaana Markus
Sales Manager


Navicosoft team, I would say, was very cooperative, very qualified, and knew what they claimed to know, which is great. They help us with everything from development to marketing. Definitely recommend Navicosoft to anyone who is looking to build a website and market it.

Conell Richard
Marketing Manager

Technology Works

Some times back, due to search engine optimization changes, our ratings suddenly went down. We were in huge trouble, and we were looking for a company who could help us come out of this problem quickly. Navicosoft provided us with amazing services, and our website traffic was back to normal in just a few weeks, and we were out of disaster.

John Richard